Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ooh, such a long time since a post. Bad blogger!

I've been knitting...I finished two pairs of socks for Gina. I was helping her out since she hurt her hand. I know she likes them. I hope her mom, the recipient of the socks, likes them as well. I've got one more to do. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics of them. Maybe Gina will take pics for us?

I started on the front of the Rebecca sweater. I'm on the V-neck shaping. Here's a pic of the front and a closeup of the cable:

I ordered some yarn to make a Clapotis for a coworker who is retiring. I ordered it from NoNoKitty Yarns and got a custom color made. Like it?

And the Clapotis so far:

I love the yarn. Go buy some from Danielle now!

I also, in my spare time (yeah, ok), made this cute little bear.

The instructions are in the latest issue of Interweave Knits. It took about an hour using Lorna's Laces sock yarn and size 1 needles.

Next up, a Mariah for a friend of mine. And then, I have no clue! Gimme a suggestion!


goodkarma said...

Hey there! I've been wondering where you've been and what you've been working on.

I see a color trend here... lots of reds and pinks. Gorgeous! I just got that Rebecca magazine this weekend and I keep looking at the cable front sweater, wondering what that would look like on a short waisted girl with boobs (me). I can't wait to see yours on you, and in that fantastic red. Yum, yum!

Thanks again for sending the Andean Silk bits. I'm still thinking about what I would like to make with it... probably something simple and cozy, like the Hourglass Sweater.

Have a great week!

Tamara said...

Whooooo there you go! Was wondering what happened. I guess I should have called, huh? Holy FO's you've been busy! I'm loving the custom made color you're using for Clapotis. And the cable on the Rebecca? Wow! was that really hard? It looks hard. I don't have a fear of cables but right now I'm not feeling anymore sweaters lol.

The litter bear is way cute. He'd make a neat lapel pin/brooch(are they the same thing?).

Gina said...

Sheesh! You are on a roll with the projects! No idea for the future, but can't wait to see the next Clapotis!


The yarn for the Clapotis is beautiful, very tempting. It looks strangely similar in hue to my sock yarn no? Looking forward to seeing the finished result.

Abbey said...

Hey Karen!

Your Rebecca sweater looks beautiful already! I love that cable. Glad to see you back, too!

Christine said...

Man, you're a better friend than I am, making all those GORGEOUS big items for others! You're like the FO-fairy! I'm inspired, seriously!