Sunday, November 14, 2004

Stash pics

Ok, lets start from last week. For my birthday, my very close friend made this basket for me:

It's got balls of sock yarn in such great colors, I want to do nothing but knit socks for the next couple projects.

But then I went to New Orleans. And I visited two shops, Quarter Stitch and Betty Bornside Company. And I bought yarn. Here is what I picked up:

From left to right, Brown Sheep Nature Spun in all the colors needed for the Nordic Mittens in the newest Interweave Knits; a ball of Luna from Silk City Fibers in a color called Moulin Rouge; Inca Alpaca; Tibetan recycled silk that jumped into my pile that begged to be bought; Colinette Enigma; and something new from Blue Heron - it was so new to the shop that they didn't have a price on it yet. It's a cotton/rayon ribbon in a color called Mossy Place and it's SO lovely I almost bought the second hank they had.

I did purchase a couple other things, but I can't tell you or show you because it's for my secret pal. I hope she's going to be pleased with her last box. Oh wait, I can show you how Quarter Stitch packed up the goodies; SP's stuff is all wrapped...

It's a bit squished, from being in the suitcase, but it's still pretty to see.

Ok, off to finish the baby blanket I started on the trip so I can get to work on playing with the new stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Mmms! I love the Blue Heron, especially.
Jon (