Tuesday, February 08, 2005


So I finally got the computer/camera working. So here are photos of what I've been up to.

The baby blanket:

A scarf I'm making my grandmother for Chinese New Year (tomorrow, year of the Rooster!):

A hat I crocheted out of leftover Koigu KPPPM from my mom's Charlotte, modeled by my oh so cute son:

And photos of my first package from the Knitty Coffeeshop SP III:

The yarn is Jaeger Como in a pale pink/purple and Gedifra Ombretta, also in a pinky purple. Both are gorgeous and calling to be knit. :)

Coming soon, pics of a sweater I'm knitting for myself, my own design. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so sorry about the package - there was supposed to be the new Rebecca knitting magazine some chocolates and other little bits in there! All you got is the yarn? I am so sorry. SP

afroknit said...

Nicole, It was great meeting you yesterday at the knitting meet up and seeing your beautiful projects. I look forward to seeing your progress on your knitting.