Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 wrap up

Everyone else in blogland is doing a recap of FO's from the past year. I actually went thru my archives and listed them. I'm almost embarrassed at the amount of knitting I did.

Northern Lights
Hermione Mittens
Broad Street Mittens
Handspun hat (2)
Baby hats (3)

Roxy Bag (2)
Nautie (2)
PSP socks (3)
Wine cozy

Multidirectional scarf
Entrelac scarf

Spey Valley (4)
Fuzzy Feet (2)
Jaywalkers (2)
Over the Knee Socks
Karen's Red Socks
Mystery socks

Baby/kid clothing
Baby dress (2)
Baby sweater
Aran sweater (3)

Adult size tops/sweaters
Go With The Flow
VK Cardigan

I'm still hoping to add the #$%^#$^ tea shawl to the list of 2006 FO's. I'm a little more than halfway done with the edging.

Mom made me stitch markers out of monkey head buttons she found.....aren't they cute?

I will leave you with the other things I've been doing on my week off.....

If I don't get back to post the shawl before the end of the year, I wish you all a very happy New Year!


Jennifer said...

Holy Frijoles! You had so many FO's! Yay for you!

Zonda said...

Don't be embarrassed! That is an awesome amount of knitting! Those monkey stitchmarkers are just too cute! Nice looking roving and hoping that..well you know, you can finish that project...

Happy New Year!! :)

Anonymous said...

Embarrassed? I'm embarrassed I hardly finished anything and don't remember what all I DID!. You're a speed knitter. Face it. Love the blue/green roving.. I gotta learn to braid roving; it's so much classier that way.

Jo said...

Holy Camoley! I bow to your knitting prowess :) The monkey stitch markers are too cute - although I'd be afraid the 4 year old would walk away with them!


PS - Thanks for the letter :)

Batty said...

That's a lot of knitting! I'm still trying to finish the baby sweater I started a couple of months ago (other WIPs got in the way). You're a very productive knitter!

Gina said...

I can't even deal with tallying the low amount of knitting I did this year. You really cranked it out! Good for you! Those monkey stitch markers are the greatest I have ever seen (I have a "thing" for monkeys).

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've knit a lot this year! And good luck finishing the shawl in 2006. I know you can do it!

weaselrina said...

Hey you!

I'm completley envious - boy did you get a lot done! but didn't you do two pair of over the knee socks? Or am I hallucinating?

I love the monkeys!

have a very happy new year!

LadyLungDoc said...

That's awesome. Good work!