Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Another new project

My Xmas gifts went over well. All except the Victoria tank, which is slightly too small in the armholes. I dread taking out the picot edging to redo the armholes. Oy. My sister has waited so long for that tank, and now she's got to wait even longer.

I am finished with the knitting portion of Zaftig. I have to get elastic and ribbon and do the crochet edging. Maybe this week.

I started Clapotis yesterday. I'm using Koigu Kersti, like LadyBean, in a bright blue mixed with pinks and purples. It's really pretty. I'm in the second section already, and hoping to get to the third and start dropping stitches soon. I believe this is the only time I'll be happy to drop a stitch.

I've been ignoring all the work on my desk...I think it's time to give in and do it.... :)

Monday, December 20, 2004

Nordic Mittens Done!

I finished them last week, but had yet to take pics. I want to show you the mess of ends that comes along with switching several colors. I told hubby that I was going to take them into a shop and pay someone to weave in all the ends for me. But I ended up doing it myself.

Horrible, isn't it? But they came out so lovely! I didn't block them, and I know I should, but I'm scared of steam blocking. I'm afraid that all my hard work will be ruined. I don't know exactly what I think is going to happen, but nevertheless, I'm scared. Here's both sides of the mitts:

You should go take a look at Stephanie's blog. She's doing the mitts in a 2 color variation, which I think is quite stunning. I wish I'd thought of that. Maybe I'll make another pair in just a 2 color combo.

Onto my newest project, Zaftig!. I started it yesterday on the way to my spa appointment and this is what I've got so far:

I've just cast on for the midriff band, and if all goes well, it'll be done tonight, minus the elastic and ribbon, that is.

I'm not quite sure what I'll work on next. I've got lots of sock yarn, and some pretty alpaca to make a scarf. I have to go shopping (I do, really!); I've wanted to write my own pattern for a tunic, and I've got it all sketched out, but I need to do dimensions and choose yarn and all. Updates as I have them.

Friday, December 17, 2004

101 Things

Because I'm a copycat and I like to do things that other people are doing....here's the latest "blog craze": 101 things about me. There's 101 because, oh, just because. :)

1. My birth certificate has the initials Y.H. as my middle name.
2. It’s really my Chinese name.
3. When I got married I officially gave myself a middle name.
4. I took my maiden name as my middle name.
5. My father passed away when I was 7.
6. Keeping my maiden name was to honor him.
7. People always assume my last name is hyphenated.
8. It’s not.
9. I just turned 30.
10. I have one brother and one sister, both younger than me.
11. I have one son.
12. I’m not having anymore kids.
13. I’ve been married for almost 6 years.
14. We got married in Vegas, at the Graceland chapel.
15. 3 days before Valentine’s day.
16. My favorite flowers are sterling roses.
17. I don’t have a favorite color.
18. I could eat Chinese food every single day and not get sick of it.
19. As well as Taco Bell.
20. I don’t eat eggplant.
21. I think it’s the only veggie I won’t eat.
22. I’ve been vision impaired since the 4th grade.
23. I’ve been wearing contacts for about 10 years.
24. My longest friendship is with someone who befriended me in the 6th grade.
25. I’ve only had 2 “real” jobs in my life.
26. The first one lasted 6 years.
27. The second is the one I’m at now.
28. I’ve been at my current job for 7 years.
29. I noticed that I do things for the “long term”.
30. I’ve only had 2 “real” relationships.
31. The first lasted 5 years.
32. The second is my current one.
33. Hubby and I have been together for almost 10 years.
34. He is my best friend.
35. My mother is a patternmaker/seamstress.
36. I can’t use a sewing machine to save my life.
37. I picked up cross stitch when in high school.
38. Interest waned thru college.
39. I picked it up again shortly after I graduated.
40. I have a bachelor’s in anthropology.
41. I went to Queen’s College in Flushing, NY.
42. Kindergarten thru high school, I attended 6 schools in total.
43. 1st thru 4th grade was at a catholic school.
44. I was raised catholic.
45. I do not practice any religion at the moment.
46. I’ve been “online” since 1993/1994.
47. BBSing is how I met hubby.
48. My screenname when I met hubby was Violet.
49. I have a tattoo of a violet.
50. I got it for my 21st birthday.
51. I’ve since added 2 more.
52. I’ve had my ears pierced multiple times.
53. I currently only wear earrings in the first holes and the one in the cartilage in my right ear.
54. I have never smoked a cigarette.
55. Not even one drag.
56. That’s one of the things I’m most proud of.
57. I started knitting in 2001.
58. I’m completely addicted.
59. Other than the one time trip to Vegas, I’ve never left the east coast.
60. The farthest west I’ve been is to Cleveland Ohio.
61. I was born in Brooklyn, NY.
62. I was raised in Queens, NY
63. I currently live in Brooklyn.
64. I am a roller coaster freak.
65. Hubby and I drove 9 hours one way, on a weekend, to Sandusky Ohio to ride roller coasters.
66. Our goal is to travel around the world to ride the different roller coasters.
67. We especially want to go to Japan.
68. As a typical NYer, I’ve only been to the “landmarks” once or twice.
69. 1999 was the last time I visited the landmarks.
70. It was the first time I climbed the steps to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
71. It was the only time I went to the top of the Towers.
72. I couldn’t boil water when I got married.
73. When we moved to our current apartment I learned how to cook.
74. I love to bake.
75. Cheesecake is my specialty.
76. Or peanut butter cup cookies.
77. I love to play board games.
78. Unfortunately, hubby isn’t a board game player.
79. Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit are my favorites.
80. I was a tomboy growing up.
81. I’m still mostly tomboy.
82. But I secretly crave the pink frilly girly stuff.
83. I went to sleepaway camp for 3 summers in a row.
84. The were the best summers of my life.
85. They are the reason my son will never go away to sleepaway camp.
86. I love to read.
87. I will read almost anything you hand me.
88. Except history.
89. My favorite authors are Anne Rice and Stephen King.
90. I have my favorite book by Anne Rice (The Witching Hour) signed by her.
91. I have varied musical tastes.
92. But I lean toward 80’s hair bands and top 40.
93. I love Billy Joel.
94. I waited in line for 5 hours while 5 months pregnant to have a cd signed.
95. Hubby went to buy me a beach chair for me to sit on in line.
96. I collect shotglasses.
97. I have over 50, from the US and several from out of the country.
98. I personally purchased maybe a dozen of them.
99. The rest are from my boss from his travels.
100. My background is ½ Chinese, and the rest is a mix of Danish, Dutch, and German.
101. There’s also a bit of Italian and American Indian, but I think it’s too little to claim.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Feeling the pressure

The last couple of weeks have had me feeling the Christmas pressure to finish up all those gifts that I was making. And then I realized I was making for some, and not for others, and felt guilt, so I added more to the plate. BUT, with the exception of one pair of kids mittens, I am done. YAY! Now I can go back to focusing on my Nordic mittens. I've gotten to the increases for the thumb gusset on the second mitten and hope tomorrow night's meetup will give me another couple of hours of work on it so that it's done by Christmas. Should I wrap them up and place under the tree for myself? :)

Since the pressure knitting is done, I get to really, really enjoy my massage on Sunday. My boss gave me a gift certificate to Bliss Spa for my birthday and I can't wait to go. Gives me a chance to really relax, though when I really think about it, my appointment is at 8am, and I've got to come into the city for it. So I've got to get up like I'm going to work, and really, how relaxing is that?

I leave you with this today: my friend just started a blog and you should all go visit: Milestones.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Box and a mitten

Yay!!! I got my package from my secret pal, Pam! She sent me a box of such wonderful goodies: two balls of Cascade Fixation to make a Zaftig, a skein of Clou to make Bon Bon, a ball of Lion Brand Magic Stripes, a cute little magnet, a box of scone mix to go with tea she previously sent me, and a great cookbook from her neck of the woods, Washington. Pam has been an awesome pal! Here's a pic of my stuff:

I also have a new mitten. My right hand nordic mitten is complete. I have yet to put the left mitten on the needles, because I'm still trying to finish up Xmas gifts and a couple of baby blankets, but soon....I want to have them for Xmas for myself. Hey, a girl has to be good to herself!! :) Ok, here's the mitten, palm side and top of the hand:

Ok, that's it for the night...til next time.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

I have finished objects!

This blogger has been a busy blogger. I have finished a couple of Xmas presents, a blanket for a family member who's due in January and some stuff that I can show you. First we have my sister's tank which took me FOREVER to do. I think I just lost interest in it, but it's finally done. Yay!

Next we have the little cardi (Sport) that I was being paid to make. There's a hat and mittens to go with, but I didn't take a pic of the hat, and the mittens aren't done yet. But isn't the cardi incredibly adorable?

I also took pics of my work in progress: the Nordic mittens from the latest IWK. I think they're turning out great. I've done minor bits of color work before, but nothing like this and I'm very impressed and pleased with my own work. They're my Xmas gift to myself.

The Knitty Secret Pal 2 is coming to an end and I just wanted to say that it has been such a pleasure to buy stuff and send packages to my Secret Pal Sarah. She got her last box from me last week. I got an email from MY secret pal who says my last box is on it's way. I'm dying to know who has sent me such wonderful goodies!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Stash pics

Ok, lets start from last week. For my birthday, my very close friend made this basket for me:

It's got balls of sock yarn in such great colors, I want to do nothing but knit socks for the next couple projects.

But then I went to New Orleans. And I visited two shops, Quarter Stitch and Betty Bornside Company. And I bought yarn. Here is what I picked up:

From left to right, Brown Sheep Nature Spun in all the colors needed for the Nordic Mittens in the newest Interweave Knits; a ball of Luna from Silk City Fibers in a color called Moulin Rouge; Inca Alpaca; Tibetan recycled silk that jumped into my pile that begged to be bought; Colinette Enigma; and something new from Blue Heron - it was so new to the shop that they didn't have a price on it yet. It's a cotton/rayon ribbon in a color called Mossy Place and it's SO lovely I almost bought the second hank they had.

I did purchase a couple other things, but I can't tell you or show you because it's for my secret pal. I hope she's going to be pleased with her last box. Oh wait, I can show you how Quarter Stitch packed up the goodies; SP's stuff is all wrapped...

It's a bit squished, from being in the suitcase, but it's still pretty to see.

Ok, off to finish the baby blanket I started on the trip so I can get to work on playing with the new stuff!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Home from NO

Oh vacation was good. Had lots of really good food, and spent lots of quality time with my boys. Went to the zoo, the aquarium, the children's museum. All kid friendly places. Oh yes. And the yarn shops too. :)

Went to Quarter Stitch in the French Quarter and it was such a lovely little store. I bought lots of stuff there and they packaged it up so lovely. Wrapped each skein of yarn in colored tissue paper, then put in a clear bag and tied that up with pretty ribbons and curled the ribbons. I almost want to go back just for the pretty packaging. I have not taken pics yet, but I will. The yarn is still in the package and still in the suitcase.

We drove to find Betty Bornside, which was out of the way, but still quite wonderful. There I got all the yarn to make the really great mittens in the latest Interweave Knits, plus one extra ball of some ribbony yarn, just because.

I'm extremely tired and still have unpacking to do, so til later for more on the SEX and the pics. :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Hi ho hi ho, off to New Orleans we go!

Halloween has come and gone. Halloween always marks the beginning of the holidays for me. We have Halloween, then a week later, my birthday, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Year’s. The next 8 weeks will fly by and it’ll be 2005. Yikes.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been working hard on the socks for my brother for Christmas (finished!), Sport (seaming and buttons need to be done) and a secret present for a friend for her birthday (Friday). I should be working on my sister’s tank for her birthday, but I have no desire, and even if I did, it wouldn’t be done for Friday. Too many birthdays in November! And because I’m crazy and addicted to socks, I started the Fluted Banister socks for the 6SoxAlong, but I’m not crazy about them. Maybe they’re too big? I’m up to the gusset decreases on the first sock…maybe I’ll frog it and do it on smaller needles.

I got the yarn to make a baby blanket for hubby’s cousin and wife. They’re due in January. It’s going to be my plane knitting. We’re headed to New Orleans to celebrate my 30th birthday. We leave Tuesday and we’ll be back on Sat. Sat. is going to be a killer for me…when we land we’ve got to hightail it to a friend’s house for a surprise birthday party (again with the November birthdays!). I’m going to want to sleep all day on Sunday. But then again, I’ll have bought yarn in New Orleans…maybe I’ll knit! :)

I need advice...the yarn I bought at Rhinebeck…I can’t wind it into a ball. It’s gorgeous yarn, really it is, and I have a pattern picked out and everything, but I can’t work with it the way it is. I got out my swift and ball winder and it became a tangled mess. See, it’s a strand of something or other and a strand of ribbon….and one or the other or both keeps getting into knots. I’m ¾ way thru winding the first hank…it’s taken a good 4 hours so far to untangle it while watching tv, but I can’t imagine doing this again with the second hank. Any suggestions, other than screaming?

Maybe one more post before New Orleans...or not...

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Rhinebeck pics

So, you say you haven't seen enough pictures from Rhinebeck on the blogs, huh? Well then, you're in luck because here are mine. :)

First the animals, the "rastafarian" sheep, the alpacas who refused to be photographed but I caught anyway, and the bunny hiding under his fur:

Bo Peep and her sheep (or was it Mary and her lamb?):

My sister, caught eating:

Now, onto the goodies:

My Charlotte:

And just because I loved the colors, the tree outside my grandmother's apartment:

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I was up bright and early Sat. morning. My sister and I got some coffee/tea and headed into the city to pick up mom. We were on the road by 7:30am and on the way upstate to our first festival. We were all very overwhelmed by the amount of yarn and wool that was there and while we were tempted to purchase something from the very first vendor, we exerted enormous amounts of self control. I did make note of places to go back to while we wandered thru building after building of gorgeous yarn.

We got to see the sheep and some goats, and my new favorites, alpacas. We also saw some REALLY fuzzy angora bunnies. Did anyone see the baby bunnies in one of the buildings? Oh my gosh they were so darn cute!

As for the stash enhancement, I managed to keep it to a minimum, but came home with some great stuff. I got a new basket to keep the stash in. I bought some sock yarn at $2.75/ball. Figured it was time that hubby got some socks, and with the leftovers, I could make the little guy some reverse colored socks. I got one skein of Manos to make a hat for Xmas for a friend. I know I could have gotten the Manos at home, but I was the perfect color and I didn't want to have to search later. At the same vendor (Great Adirondack Yarn Co.) I got 2 hanks of this stuff that I can't really describe. It's a ribbon yarn, but there's wool as well. It's also got sparkly stuff in the wool. There isn't a name on the label for me to direct you to pictures...though I did take pics and when I find my camera I'll post them.

The highlight of the trip was purchasing a drop spindle. I bought a Cochin Rosewood 1.2 oz spindle from Journey Wheel. The wonderful lady working the booth showed me how to use it and was very patient with me. I haven't been able to take the time to use it since purchasing it, but this weekend...definitely. I purchased for $1.50 a bag of mixed fibers to play with while I learn to use the spindle. For when I learn to use it, there's 2 oz. of Merino Tencel to spin.

Mom, Sis and I ended up leaving a bit earlier then expected, but we drove to my grandmother's (mom's mom) and got to relax and eat dinner before heading back on the road. It truly was one of the best days I've had in quite a long time...bonding with the females of my family.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

My mom

Charlotte number 1 was made for my mom. It was MEANT to be a Xmas gift, but I couldn't wait to give it to her. In my excitement to give it to her, I completely forgot to take a pic of it completely done (with fringe). So she had one taken with her wearing it. Here is my lovely mom with Charlotte:

Still have to take pics of Charlotte #2, but I guess that's going to have to wait until Rhinebeck.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Finished Charlotte!

Finished Charlotte #2. Again, I’m in love. It’s not as big as Charlotte #1, but I think that’s because I bound off too tightly and it’s not able to stretch as much. But that’s ok. I’m satisfied with the results and am currently wearing it at work. If I can coerce the hubby into taking pics of it tonight, you’ll see pics before the weekend. If not, then pics will have to wait til after Saturday’s excursion to Rhinebeck.

I’m heading up with my mom and my sis. My sis is staying over at my place and we’re heading out real early to pick up my mom in the city before getting on the highway. Tea, loaded with sugar and Bon Jovi coming out of the speakers will get us there in no time flat. Hey, if they can’t take Bon Jovi at 8am, too bad for them. My car, my music. :) I’m looking forward to meeting some people from the Knitty Coffeeshop. I think it’s going to be great fun.

Speaking of great fun, I went to Makelast night and got to meet the wonderful and talented Amy Singer and got a signed copy of her book Knit Wit. I also picked up 2 balls of Blue Sky Alpaca in Turquois. I am planning on making a scarf from the Little Box of Scarves. I know, I know…I’ve got so much other stuff to do, but I can’t help myself. My name is Karen and I’m a knitting addict.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Yay! Photos!

The long awaited pics are finally here! Where do we start? Let's start with a photo of the 2 pacakages from my secret pal. I put them all together in one shot, minus the washcloth:

This is a closeup of the bracelet:

The washcloth:

My current WIPs, Charlotte #2 and Sport:

The next 2 colors for Charlotte:

My finished objects, Cloverleafs for a friend (weaving ends in needing to be done), and a Hallowig:

My spiderman cupcakes for my son's birthday party at school:

And finally, spiderman lives with me and you can't have him:

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Long time no post

Too much work and no time to play causes Karen's blog to be neglected. Not only busy at work, but sick as well. Sick enough to not even want to knit. That's just yucky! :)

But I'm feeling all better now, and have been working quite hard on my projects.

Progress reports:
Sport - Finished the back and left front. Have already cast on for the right front, but that's as far as I've gotten.
Victoria tank - am up to 9 inches on the body, have to go to 12 1/2 - 13 inches before separating for the front and back. Hopefully will have the next couple inches done in the next week. That's my train knitting.
Charlotte #2 - Sigh. Charlotte has been driving me crazy. I was doing so well, and introduced color #3, and then realized I'd made a colossal mistake. Had to rip out 8 rows. Once I got back to that spot, did another 2 rows and then realized that I counted wrong. Rip. Knit, recount, rip, knit, recount. I'm beginning to dislike Charlotte.

Upcoming projects:
- Knitty's Hallowig. I bought the yarn in a greenish color to do and donate to someone who's doing a play of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. All the oompa loompas will be sporting Hallowigs. :) I did 7 inches of it last night, cast on additional stitches, joined for the round, and then realized I was missing 20 stitches. I didn't cast on enough. How much does that suck? I ripped it all out. Will have to cast on again soon, because I promised it by the 20th.

- Lucy Neatby's Mermaid Socks. I bought some really pretty colored yarn from Elann a while ago and thought that the Mermaid pattern would be awesome for the yarn. Can't wait to do it.

- Yahoo Six sock along socks. I haven't printed out the pattern yet, and the name escapes me at the moment, but they were cute. Just thinking of who could benefit from a pair of socks. Anyone who's in the KAL...can the sock be done for men? I wanted to make a pair of socks for my brother for Xmas, but waiting on a good pattern.

No pics yet...I have a ton to show...my camera battery is being charged as I type. Next post, I swear. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2004

In love...

...with Charlotte. Yes, I've mentioned it before. But my love for Charlotte took me back to Knit NY and there I purchased a gorgeous color combination for another Charlotte. An early birthday present for me. It is all still in the bag, and I refuse to wind any of it up into balls until I finish at least one project that I'm working on. So, that forces me to work extra hard on getting the Xmas gifts out of the way and I will have time for my lovely Charlotte.

Cloverleafs are almost done. Finished the first one on Thursday, after some heel shaping help from one of the great gals at the Knitty Coffeeshop, and some great talk at the monthly knitting meetup on Wed. night. I started the second one right away and due to some insomnia, I was up at 4am Thursday morning, knitting and watching videos on VH1. I think I damned VH1 in a much earlier post, didn't I? Anyway, I have only the foot and toe to do on the second one.

I'm working on a secret project. Secret as in secret pal project. I hope that she will like it. Maybe when we're all revealed at the end of December, I will show you all. It's very close to being done. Yay!

On Sport, I'm almost 1/2 way done on the back. Another inch or so and I'll do the armhole shaping. I'm excited. It's so red and fuzzy.

I took a ride into Staten Island today. The 2004 Knit Out on October 3rd is my son's 4th birthday, so I'm not able to go, but the flyer mentioned one in SI, so I went. It was fun, and I got to help out a woman who needed help doing the gusset decreases on a sock. I hope that I didn't confuse her more. Everyone oohed and aahed over my Bob sweater, and it was nice to be the center of attention for a short period of time. Makes me feel like people aren't just being polite with their compliments and that my work really is good.

It's late...pictures of color combo for Charlotte #2 and progress work soon.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Jumble of stuff

I finished the crochet on Charlotte, and added the fringe. I think it looks really pretty. I’d love to show you, but I can’t because we’re having issues with the computer at home.

I frogged all of the Victoria tank. I didn’t like the way the lace was coming out. I was using stitch markers at certain points and the lace around the parts with the st markers were bigger and funkier looking than the other spots with the lace. So I got some little rubberbands in the hair product aisle and started the tank all over again. Am about 5 inches in and it’s looking much, much better.

Still working on the Cloverleafs for a friend. Had an issue with the heel shaping, but it should be fixed soon so I can continue on them.

Started (!) another project. A coworker wanted a handmade sweater for her 6 year old god daughter. I’ve agreed to make it. I’m using a Rowan pattern and some funky Gedifra yarn. I’m about 3 inches into the back of it. I believe the pattern is called Sport.

I still have more Xmas gifts to do, and I really, really, really want to make a Charlotte for myself, hopefully to wear to a wedding at the end of October. We’ll see if that happens.

My Knitty SecretPal has sent me a package! It took everything I had to not open it up on the porch and waited till I got all the way upstairs (3rd floor) and take off my shoes and settle in before opening it up. Inside was a very pretty handmade washcloth in a purplely colorway (how did she know I’ve VERY partial to purple?!?), 2 little things of facial stuff, and a small red feltlike heart with a drawstring. Inside this little pouch was a stretchy charm bracelet with 2 already on there, one that says Washington, which is where she’s from, I’m assuming. The other says I Love to Knit. I was ecstatic. It went on my wrist and hasn’t been off since. I’ve actually added 3 more since I got it (a little dangling boy, my son’s birth stone, and a dangling US flag). :) This chick is a happy chick!

Monday, September 06, 2004


I have a secret. I'm in love. In love with Charlotte. I don't know how it happened. It just did. The problem here? I don't wear shawls. I've just graduated to wearing scarves during the winter. I also don't go anywhere that would require a shawl. But I must have Charlotte. Either that or I will have to start forcing Charlotte on others. I know there will be a second one...maybe I'll make one for myself for Xmas. Sigh. I love her so.

Charlotte for my mom is ALMOST done. I finished the crocheted edging yesterday. I still need to block and add the fringe. But I think she's beautiful. My sister came with me to pick out colors. She thought that the orange color at the top should have been in the middle, and hubby thought that the orange didn't belong at all. Well, after seeing it all done, my sister thought that my color placement was the best and hubby thought it was wonderful. Now you're all curious to see the pictures, aren't you? Who am I to deny my readers? :)

And here's a close up of the crocheted edging:

The pics are a bit blurry; I'm a horrible picture taker. I leave that to the hubby. I'm quite proud of the crocheted edging...It's the first crochet I've ever done. :)

Happy Labor Day to all!

Friday, September 03, 2004

I'm an addict

I truly believe that now. Yes, my name is Karen and I am a knitting addict. That's the first step, acknowledging you have a problem. Why do I say this? Well, Charlotte is 12 rows from being done. It would have been done earlier if I (a) hadn't screwed up the count and had to frog a row and then promptly screw up the count again and frog, and (b) hubby hadn't put in a movie for us to watch (Shaolin Soccer) that forced me to put the knitting down and watch.

I can promise photos of Charlotte soon....right after I learn how do crochet to do the finishing. Yikes. I was so hoping I wouldn't have to learn how to crochet...I've got an addictive personality; look what learning to knit did to me!

I have lots of cleaning to do this weekend, so I forsee a weekend of little knitting. Not to mention mentally preparing for my son to move from the prepper room to the preK room next week. I am not ready for it.

Monday, August 30, 2004

A finished Bob

I feel like I'm neglecting this poor blog. But I've been knitting up a storm. Here is Bob, completed after only 2 weeks! I surprise me.

My latest project is Charlotte's Web. I bought all the Koigu for it on Friday, and the pattern is 5 different colors, and a total of 154 rows. I'm on row 87 and a few rows away from adding color number 4. Can we say addict? After I wound the first skein into a ball, I knew I was in love with Koigu KPPPM already. Being this far into the shawl after only 3 days is proof. I'm not a shawl person, but I may end up making one for myself. This one is for my mom for Xmas. Here is a work in progress:

My Victoria tank has been shoved so far into the basket I don't even want to talk about it. I started a pair of socks today while waiting to go horseback riding with hubby (my first time on a horse!). They're for a childhood friend of mine.

Ok, time to hit the hay...I'm beat tonight.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Photo entry

My son's new hat:

Hubby's new gloves:

A closer look at the gloves:

Making Waves socks:

Me modelling 76 Stitches hat:

The finished front of Bob: