Thursday, February 23, 2006

The end of the to-do list

February is for Finishing....or forsaking. Yes, I abandoned projects. I abandoned hubby's gloves. I ripped, and started over, knitting on 2 circs which I hate because I didn't want to think about numbers etc. to use dpns. I got 3/4 way done with the first glove, and it's still too small. I hate this project. Hubby said he doesn't need them, and I kissed the ground he walked on and threw it in a basket. I'm done with them. The other project I abandoned is the little one's sweater. I abandoned it until the fall. Winter will be over (hopefully) shortly, and then he'll have outgrown it before he can really wear it. Sigh. The boy grows way too fast.

My shawl is another one put on hold, not completely abandoned. I ripped, very carefully, back to the beginning of the last lace pattern. I counted and recounted to make sure I had the correct number of stitches. I started row one again, being very careful of my stitch count. I get to the end of the round, and I'm off. I'm so frustrated with it. It doesn't have to be done til the end of June, so I will work on it again in a few weeks. That leaves only one thing left on my to do list. The knitted toy. The gift won't go out til May anyway, so one more thing put on hold.

Because my to do list has been checked off, I had a bit of "startitis" yesterday. At The Point, I purchased 4 balls of this lovely Silk Garden Lite colorway.

I was looking to try my hand at entrelac, and got a free pattern for a neck warmer, which I am modifying only slightly to be just a plain scarf. It took a few to understand how it works, but I think I've got it. And I love the way the colors are striping in the scarf.

And, before I forget, my "D" photos. D is for dental work. I got the top part of my braces yesterday. Not the greatest photo, since I'm taking it myself, but here they are. I get the bottom half on Tuesday.

And just because, and I'm COOKnknit, some brownies:

Next time, the spinning adventure and the results from Valerie's house this past weekend.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Lots of photos

I'm going to photoblog today.

Baby sweater in need of blocking and buttons:

One of two Jaywalkers done for SockapalOOOza (in Schaefer Anne)

Progress on frogged and reknit Cigar glove for hubby:

Magic Plant that hubby got me for Valentine's Day. It REALLY does say I <3 You!!

My mitten swap mittens came today!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! They came with candy, one bar already eaten!

And just for Roxy....

Friday, February 10, 2006

Another FO down!

After tonight's seaming party for one, my to do list will consist of:

- buy/sew on buttons for baby sweater
- frog last few rows of shawl, redo and finish
- knit a stuffed toy
- finish sweater for the little guy
- finish gloves for the hubby
- SockapalOOOza socks

How's that for creating a list and sticking to it? 12 items on my original to do list, and in 10 days I've knocked it down to half. I ALMOST want to start a new project for myself, but I won't. I have a list and I'm sticking to it. I have a pattern picked out for the sockapaloooza socks, and will use yarn from my stash. Just haven't decided on which one yet. I'm planning on using the Jaywalker pattern, only after seeing Bean's at the Point on Wednesday. Hers looks wonderful. So wonderful in fact that I may leave the sockapalooza socks for last, and make 2 pairs, one for my pal and one for me. Woo!

I finished Mariah. The first attempt on the zipper was awful. I didn't take a
pic of it, but I did take a pic of the zipper once I ripped it out.

Yeah, see, it's awful. But the second time was much better. Pics once the recipient gets a hold of a camera and sends me photos.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Last week, Bean and I went on a bit of a yarn crawl. We hit a bunch of stores in Bklyn, only remembering to take photos of Brooklyn General.

After shopping, we went to the Point and sat for a few hours knitting and chatting. It was a wonderful, relaxing day with a great knitting bud. I hope Bean and I can get together more often; I really enjoy her company.

Since my post last week, I have been busy, busy, busy working on my list of WIPs. I managed to finish 2 off the list, plus the socks that I started because I needed something to work on.

This is the ZigZag scarf from Modular Knits, using Four Play from Brooks Farm that I got while at Rhinebeck. It's very soft and it being finished this week is great, since it's supposed to be very cold.

These socks are the Spey Valley socks from Knitting on the Road, using Trekking yarn and size 1 needles. They were a very quick knit, and I love the way they came out. There looks like there's enough yarn left over to make matching socks for the little guy.

My favorite finished object. The Roxy bag from The Garter Belt. I used 1 skein of black Cascade 220, and 1 skein of a pale pink Cascade 220. It was a quick knit, and as usual, a great pattern written by the wonderful Wendy. It was also the first time I lined a bag, or anything for that matter. The fabric was bought at Brooklyn General, and it took a few minutes to understand how to use the interfacing. The sewing was all done by hand, using Wendy's walkthru, and I absolutely love the way it turned out. By far, one of my most favorite knits. I can't wait to use the bag tomorrow.

Next time, I hope to show you a baby sweater, and some progress on the hubby's gloves.