Friday, April 22, 2005

Here are knitting pics!

The stripey socks:

The baby blanket:

A close up of the ducky:

The fishy on the inside of the bill:

I started Elisabeth's bag earlier this week, using the new knowledge of untwisting my stitches. I'm about 1/2 done with it, and I think it's coming out great! So, for comparison, a close up of the blanket, with twisted stitches, and a close up of the bag, with untwisted stitches:

And the work in progress on the bag:

I have done several trades with the girls from the Coffeeshop and one came in the mail yesterday from Cara. Not only did she send me the Rebecca I had traded for, she sent a ball of yummy yarn and some gorgeous stitchmarkers that she made. The pic is a little blurry, but look at how gorgeous!

And because I just can't resist the cutest kid in the world:

Thursday, April 21, 2005


I have stolen a book thingy from Sarah, even though I wasn't tagged. :)

Total number of books in your house
That would be a lot. I have one full book case (3 long shelves) full, more books on a second bookcase in my bedroom and then the books that actually belong at home, but live in a box under my desk at work. Maybe 500 total?

Last book you bought
I went to Barnes & Noble a couple weeks ago and I picked up YaYa's in Bloom, A New Lu, and Confessions of Max Tivoli. I've finished them all.

Last book you read before reading this
Vanishing Acts

List 5 or 6 books you read often or mean a lot to you
Falling Leaves
The Witching Hour
The Green Mile
Yertle the Turtle
Guess How Much I Love You

As for knitting finishing up the blanket today and will have pics tonight.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Happy Blogaversary to me!

One year ago I jumped on the "create a blog" bandwagon, and I never looked back. I was discouraged at first to not have any comments, but as I surfed and left comments for others, they soon came to me and left me comments. Now I have a whole slew of internet friends!

Also in the past year, I have seen my knitting skills improve, from basic stitches to lacy shawls to complex cables. I learned that I twist my stitches when I knit, and have figured out the way to untwist my stitches. Hopefully the newest project I'm working on will come out wonderfully with my new knowledge. I started on a felted bag, pattern by Elisabeth from the Coffeeshop. I traded her a cone of yarn for a kit to make a bag. It's my first big felting project (not that I know how I'm actually going to felt it since I don't have a machine....), and my first project using my new knowledge on not twisting stitches. Lots of firsts.

And for the winner of my first game: Anne! She correctly guessed my Nordic mittens. While all the other projects were fun to do, and I did make 2 of a couple of projects, the Nordic mittens are hands down my favorite. I was wary of all the color changes, especially on DPNs, but as I started it, it took a rhythm of its own and they were finished in no time. I love the design in it, and while they look SO complex, they really weren't. And if it weren't so warm, I'd still be wearing them. I'm looking forward to winter again just to wear my mitts. So, Anne, send me your address and I'll mail off your prize. My email is on the right side somewhere.

Looking forward to another year of blogging and many more years of knitting. Anyone want to suggest a new project for me? I like to have a challenge so keep that in mind!

Friday, April 15, 2005

A game!!

Ok all, I know I've been MIA. I've been incredibly busy organizing the SP4 round for the Coffeeshop and now that everyone has their matches, I can go back to somewhat normal life. And while I don't have pics to show you today, sometime this weekend, if all goes well, I hope to have finished stripey socks (weaving in of ends needs to be done), and a finished baby blanket to show.

Til then, we're all going to play a game! What's the occasion? Well, next Tuesday, April 19th marks my one year blogaversary. Yay!! So, to celebrate the day, we'll play a little guessing game. Over the past year, I've had a number of finished objects. What do YOU think has been my favorite one to knit? Leave a note and the first person with the correct answer will win:

That's one hank of Colinette Enigma. I have wound it into a ball already, thinking I'd use it, but I think it's looking for a new home. Come on folks, gimme your guesses!!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Love it!

Ever watch Dragon Tales? Wheezy on Dragon Tales says "Loooooove it!" Can you tell I have a kid? Anyway, this is what I love.

The C on the CliffKN is for NeglectedkBlue I

Get your own here.

RAKs and SP packages!

Yesterday I ran home from work to clean my apartment. I have a friend from out of town staying with me for the weekend. When I picked up the mail, there was not one, not two, but THREE packages for me. I was in the door, shoes still on, jacket still on, Faith No More still blaring in my ears and ripping open packages.

The first from Ali over at the Coffeeshop:

The second from PurlPower…I didn’t look for a name or anything on the package, even though I was tempted, and even though the card wasn’t signed, it was addressed to “Coolnknit”, so I knew. :)

Last, the package that my SP alluded to in comments. It was perfect timing, because I was going to go buy the book to make hubby the Flame Sweater. Now I don’t have to!

It was like Christmas…in April. I love Knitty, and the Coffeeshop, and all the people there. So kind and generous. Really. I’m blown away by the generosity.

Today I spent a couple hours on the phone with my friend Barbara. Go visit her blog. She’s a wonderful writer. And hopefully soon, we’ll be able to read about her crocheting and knitting. :) She’s the one that taught me the basics of crocheting, so I must thank her publicly; my current project is a hat for donation done in crochet. Thanks Barbara!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I was supposed to meet up with Stacy from work, but the print server went down and she needed to stay. :( We'll get together eventually. I should have stayed and enjoyed the sun, but I went home. And when I got home, I was greeted with a package. And oh my, what a package it was!!

Inside the package was this:

There's some chocolate (mmm...that's dinner!), a zipper, some wonderful beads, a package of tea (that's going along with my chocolate dinner!), a package of tissues with a sheep, an adorable monkey keychain, a card with beautiful handmade (am I right?) stitchmarkers and the most gorgeous green and yellow yarn. The yellow one is GGH Savanna, and the green is Mondial Prestigo super kid mohair. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to make something with this mohair. And I LOVE the color. I think I may kick hubby out of the bed and move the mohair in. Oh, and all that chocolate isn't for me. One of them was so sweetly packed for my little guy. It's the cutest box. You can move the animals back and forth thru the windows and change them up. Give the duck head a mouse body and tiger feet. It's so cute! Danny says a big "Fank you"!

Close ups of the stitch markers and of the cutest monkey:

AND the piece de resistance, a shot glass, from where she is, Germany (right? I'm so bad at geography!!! You think I'd know the flag colors at least, since I'm part German!):

It's a wonderful addition to my collection! Wanna see it? I need another case, this one is full, but this is most of my collection:

Not only did I get my SP package, but I got my orange yarn from yarnware. I can finally finish the blanket! Great timing, because I just have the kitchener stitching on the second stripey sock and it's done! Pics tomorrow/next day!

SP, if I haven't said it already, you ROCK!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Happy Blogaversary to me!

One year ago I jumped on the "create a blog" bandwagon, and I never looked back. I was discouraged at first to not have any comments, but as I surfed and left comments for others, g experience! I have been doing this for almost two years. The air is fresh the noise is minimal, the lighting is fantastic and the people, - *well, they are people.
I have a small web site on geocities it is
I am updating it slowly. Feel free to write anything you like
m updating it slowly. Feel free to write anything you like

Monday, April 04, 2005

Clapotis 2 is done

After a great KIPing afternoon with Lady Bean, I finished Clapotis #2 last night. And because I NEEDED to wear it today, I weaved in the 2 ends this morning before heading out. If you saw a woman doing something strange with her scarf this morning in Brooklyn, that was me, finishing dropping the stitches. Yes, I wore it unblocked. And I'm not going to either. I don't think it needs it.

She's a folded up so that you can see her clearly:

This leaves stripey sock #2, and the baby blanket as the only WIPs, and the stripey sock will be done Wed, because I have a knitting meetup with someone from work. Yay! There's someone I work with that knits. If I remembered her blog URL off the top of my head I'd link it...I guess it will have to wait til tomorrow.

The place where I ordered my yarn for the baby blanket has come thru with a solution to my one skein short dilemma. They're sending me something else in place of the Cotton Classic II in orange. Let's hope it works. If it does, I may have to make the woman there a scarf or something in thanks. She spent 20 minutes on the phone with me trying to find an alternative. Great customer service has.

Hope the new issue of Knitty comes out soon...I'm in need of a new project!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Flash the Stash!!

Ok, so it's time to show you how I hoarde my fiber. As I went around the house taking photos, I amazed myself as to how much I actually do have. It's not alot compared to some of you out there, but it's a sizable stash.

Here's the 2 baskets on my bookcase in my living room:

Here's the basket at the side of the couch that I sit on:

In my bedroom, another bookcase with another basket, and a shelf of books/magazines. Yes, all knitting related books/mags.

Within those baskets, from left to right, are: acrylic, oddballs, cotton (with a Manos thrown in), sock yarn, and everything else.

My very small stash of roving for spinning:

A fuzzy something that didn't want to take pics with anything else:

A ball of laceweight yarn with a box of baking soda for size (for trade, if anyone wants it...)

Needlecases where I store circs, dpns and all other knitting tools (complete with Citi sticker of I <3 _____. Of course I was going to fill it in with "yarn"!!):

And lastly, a sweater I made awhile ago that I'm going to frog:

Is that enough flashing for you? :)

For PurlPower

Alright there, PurlPower. You asked to be interviewed, so here's your questions.

1. Tell me 10 little known things about yourself.
2. That fuzzy scarf is awesome. How long have you been knitting?
3. Who's the cutie in the scarf a couple entries back? :)
4. What brought you to my blog, and will you be staying? :)
5. I'm always looking for new reading material. Give me 5 reading recommendations.