Saturday, January 06, 2007

Just a quick post

With the new job starting, I haven't had much knitting or spinning time. Instead of taking the train and getting an hour of knitting time in, I'm now driving to work, about 45 minutes in each direction. The offices will be moving sometime soon, and then I'll be able to take public transportation again, so my knitting will pick up. Right now, I have one sock done and the toe started of a pair of st st socks in Lisa Souza Sock! Merino in Mars Quake, about 8 inches of a sweater I started (all black so far, not very interesting for photos), and the shhhh tea shawl started again in the soy yarn that I originally chose for it (I've just started the second of three charts). You've all seen photos of that in different stages, so I won't bore you with more photos.

The big news today is, hubby bought me my own domain name. As soon as I figure out how to get the blog to transfer over to it, you'll all be seeing my blog on Woo! Any information or help would be welcome....just email me (link there on the side somewhere toward the bottom).

Pics next time, and thank you all for the comments on the tea shawl!


Necia said...

Color me blind, because I can't find youur email address. Hopefully dh bought you hosting as well as your domain. if he did, go into your cooknknit/control panel. You will hopefully see a cool button called Fantastico. click that, and see what blogs they offer you for autoinstallation. I myself, use wordpress and wholeheartdly recommend it. I would also recommend it for you because you can take your blogger posts and import them. So going right along, autoinstall a blog of your choice, and hopefully u can import all of your work here, there. If I have you confused as all get out, you can email me chanecia at gmail or hit me up on instant messenger. Both aol and msn/hotmail is babylove3722


Gina said...

I feel the pain of a driving commute. Sadly, it is my only option, and will remain as such unless I leave the wilds of Dutchess County. Are you counting the days until the office moves and you can go public (as in transport) again? Congrats on the domain name!

Christine said...

OH that shawl you posted on new year's eve was STUNNING! Seriously, you rock. Congrats on the new website, let us know when you get it all figured out.

Sarah said...

Glad you like the new job!

And no idea about blog transferage...maybe ask on the boards?

Good luck!

Artsygal said...

yay domain name!

I use for mine - and I *REALLY* like it! The software was fairly easiy to install myself, and it had great features. I looked at several, and this is the only one that met all my critera. Grab me in chat sometime if you want, and I'll fill you in on some of the features if you want.

Batty said...

That's a bummer. I went from a 3 hour train trip every day to driving to work, and it does seriously cut into one's knitting time.